illustrated guide books


 France en Velo, a beautifully illustrated guide book charting a 1000-mile journey across France from St Malo to Nice, Fitter, Faster, Further, a guide to sportive preparation and Get on Your Bike, a beginners guide to cycling, both published by Bloomsbury. 

We believe that guide books should provide entertainment and inspiration in the planning stage as well as being a useful companion once on the road.


If the words aren’t enough to have you reaching for your bike, the constant flow of high-quality and alluring photos will probably tip you over the edge.
— Matt Westby,

"Ideal for dreaming over on wintry evenings, you can practically smell the lavender and taste the Sauternes"  - A. Bizarro

"Really well presented and easy to follow. I was interested in doing this trip before I bought this book. Now I can't wait to start!"- J.I. Shand

"Test for me of a book like this is does it inspire you to do something....and for me the answer is yes." - R.Dewar