Loving Long Haul

Why would you not love long haul? (Let’s for five minutes put aside the obvious environmental problems we create by flying long haul and focus purely on the experience.) I barely ever watch TV, too much guilt over time wasting, but on a flight with nothing else to do you have free-license to push back your chair and indulge. You can watch films back to back with none of the bad feelings you get from wasting a Friday night binge watching boxsets and accidently finishing a bottle of wine on your own. Even better whilst doing this someone brings you a lovely little tray of perfect food and wine. It’s better than a spa day.


On this trip I took a late night flight so started my journey with dinner and a surprisingly good red, thanks Emirates, watch a couple of films and took a nap. A smooth transfer in Dubai and I’m back on the plane in time for lunch, this time Asian fish noodles with a delicious cold white. Boozy dinner, followed by boozy lunch all in the space of time when I normally would have been in bed asleep. You are gaining a free day of indulgence!


Of course borrowing time using the mysteries of long haul travel does lead to consequences.  Tiredness on arrival and if those lovely little wines aren’t countered with at least a big bottle of water severe dehydration. Tiredness on arrival is a good thing, if you can push on through to the evening then you stand a good chance of sleeping through a normal cycle on your new local time, thus mitigating your chances of jet-lag. Dehydration is simple, loads of water and a great moisturizer.


I willingly admit I do not travel healthy. A good travel blog will tell you how to reach your destination in tip-top condition to not waste a moment of your precious adventure time but to hell with that, being on a plane is a little slice out of time. You can legitimately turn off your phone, binge watch television and finish off several bottles of, all be it miniature, wine with no guilt and no judgement. A flight on its own is almost as good as a holiday.